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It is also the sacred language of over 1.

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It is the language of the Quran , the holy book of Islam. This is the language of Islamic and classical texts. Knowledge of Arabic provides an opportunity to connect with people throughout the Middle East , providing access to the richness and passion of the contemporary Arab world.

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Arabic is a way to explore nearly 14 centuries of one of the most sophisticated, diverse, and rich intellectual traditions in the world. Culture and society in the Arab world, from structures , institutions , art , poetry , letters , practices , and definitions of identity , based on anthropology , sociology , literature and religious studies.

Development and political economy in the Arab world, focusing on economic and social development, education , humanitarian aid , and gender and environmental dimensions of development. This concentration is based on economic history, political economy, sociology and politics. Contemporary political developments in the Arab world and the Middle East. The program covers the study of domineering, nationalism , local institutions, politics, war, peacemaking, identity, security policies and environmental security.

It relies on comparative policies, international relations , history , science , political economy and development.

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To understand the history of Arabs provides the indispensable basis to understand all aspects of Arabs and its culture. Themes of special interest are:.

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In Arabic , the word means "discussion" and refers to the Arabic tradition of seeking theological principles through dialectic. A scholar of kalam is referred to as a mutakallim.

Arabic philosophy is a part of Arab studies. It is a longstanding attempt to create harmony between faith , reason or philosophy , and the religious teachings of Arabs. A Muslim engaged in this field is called a Arab philosopher. It is divided in fields like:. Arabic science is science in the context of traditional ideas of Arabs , including its ethics and prohibitions.

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An Arab engaged in this field is called a Muslim scientist This is not the same as science as conducted by any Muslim in a secular context. Arabic architecture is the entire range of architecture that has evolved within Arab culture in the course of the history of Arabs. Hence the term encompasses religious buildings as well as secular ones, historic as well as modern expressions and the production of all places that have come under the varying levels of Islamic influence.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: History Of Arabs. Expansion under Muhammad , Expansion during the Rashidun Caliphate , Expansion during the Umayyad Caliphate , Main article: Kalam. Main article: Arabic philosophy. Main articles: Arabic science and Arabic Sciences and Philosophy.

Main article: Arabic literature. Library Availability. Pub cycle: Biannual Language of submissions: French, English.

About | Contemporary Arab and Muslim Cultural Studies Institute (CAMCSI)

Multidisciplinary studies of ancient and contemporary problems concerning Arabic societies. Pub cycle: Quarterly Language of submissions: English, French.

Library availability. Particular attention to the history, politics, economics, anthropology, sociology, literature, and cultural studies of the area and to comparative religion, theology, law, and philosophy.