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Proposed river rules draw extensive public comment | Friends of the Mississippi River

The rule also makes clear however, that the ADA provides important safeguards to employees to protect against discrimination based on disability. Accordingly, medical information collected as a part of a wellness program may be disclosed to employers only in aggregate form that does not reveal the employee's identity, and must be kept confidential in accordance with ADA requirements.

Employers also may not subject employees to interference with their ADA rights, threats, intimidation, or coercion for refusing to participate in a wellness program or for failing to achieve certain health outcomes. Finally, individuals with disabilities must be provided with reasonable accommodations that allow them to participate in wellness programs and to earn whatever incentive an employer offers.

In addition to setting a limit on incentives, the NPRM, which includes interpretive guidance that will be published along with the final rule, requires that employers provide employees a notice that describes what medical information will be collected, with whom it will be shared, how it will be used, and how it will be kept confidential. The interpretive guidance also includes an extensive discussion of both legal requirements and best practices that ensure confidentiality of employee medical information.

In addition, the Commission has asked a number of specific questions in the preamble to the NPRM on which it seeks comment before finalizing the rule. Methods for commenting are specified in the notice in the Federal Register. One of the six national priorities identified by the Commission's Strategic Enforcement Plan is for the Commission to address emerging and developing issues in equal employment law, including issues involving the ADA among other possible issues.

Society for Conservation Biology

The EEOC enforces the federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. More information about the EEOC is available at www. Skip top navigation Skip to content.

And that is something we cannot support. Under legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump last year, the VA was tasked with combining a half-dozen different programs that allowed veterans to get VA-funded private sector care and coming up with rules governing when veterans could opt to go private. More: Four-hour drive for a colonoscopy? What VA privatization warnings ignore.

More: Winners and losers: 6 special interest groups lobbying in VA-private care battle.