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Man Seriously Overreacts When 75-Cent Credit Card Charge Is Declined
  1. 10 bizarre ‘crime’ stories of 2015 that you couldn’t even make up
  2. Gilded Age, The Lightheads, Weird Crimes
  3. The 13 most bizarre New Jersey crimes in -
  4. Well that escalated quickly …

His Alleged Method of Stealing 1.

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Gizmodo reports that the year-old part-time mall clerk in Koto City, Japan, was allegedly able to steal more than 1, credit cards from his customers— Man Admits He Staged Kidnapping to Get Wife's Sympathy Police say he tied himself to a chair at his workplace Newser - Should you find yourself having relationship troubles, police would probably ask you not do what they say one Wisconsin man did Wednesday. Trump Protester Whacked Wall Street Bull on the Horns Texas man is charged after weird attack Newser - There are people who love President Trump, there are people who don't love President Trump, and then there are the kind of people who decide to protest President Trump by attacking a statue of a bull with what was apparently some kind of a musical instrument.

10 bizarre ‘crime’ stories of 2015 that you couldn’t even make up

Tevon Varlack, who Cops Allegedly Confiscated His Pot. So He Called the Cops on Them He was quite irate and wrong during his conversation with an Ohio police sergeant Newser - A man confused about Ohio drug laws called a police department demanding that officers return the small amount of marijuana they "stole" from him, per the AP. WXIX reports the man told a Sharonville police dispatcher in an expletive-laced call Tuesday that it's legal to possess grams Another Crazy Story About Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches Police in Houston say customer pulled a gun when restaurant ran out Newser - Police say a man pulled a gun at a Popeyes restaurant in Houston after being told they were out of chicken sandwiches.

Houston police Lt. Larry Crowson says officers were called to the restaurant Monday night after a group of people tried to order a chicken sandwich, per the AP Surveillance video shows her cutting through the glass of This May Be First Allegation of a Crime From Space It involves a custody dispute and an estranged spouse accessing a bank account Newser - It's an unfortunate custody dispute between estranged spouses, with one element that makes it stand above all others—it has led to what the New York Times reports might be the first allegation of a crime in space.

Gilded Age, The Lightheads, Weird Crimes

In the short version, astronaut Anne McClain is accused of improperly Soest police said the boy's mother called them early Wednesday after she noticed that both her son and her VW Golf had disappeared. Mother and police eventually Per the Connecticut Post , reports of "lewd and sexual activity" started making their way to police earlier this month Now they're facing possible jail time as a result, reports the Local.

Their offense? Alleged sand theft.

The 13 most bizarre New Jersey crimes in -

And not just a thimbleful: Authorities confiscated 90 pounds of Almost half of people said being caught doing something illegal would be enough to convince them not to do it again. Originally published on our sister title, Portsmouth News. Vacuuming after 1pm on a Sunday is among the more unusual laws on the list Photo: Shutterstock The study of 2, UK adults also found 98 per cent consider themselves to be law-abiding.

Sticking a postage stamp to an envelope upside down is treason in the eyes of the law. Drank alcohol under the age of 18 2.

Well that escalated quickly …

Sworn or gestured to other road users 3. Eaten or drank whilst driving 4. Parked partly on a payment 6.

Cycled on pavements 7. Speeding whilst driving 8.

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  • The 21 weirdest crimes of in the Lehigh Valley -
  • The weirdest and most bizarre crime stories of 2018.

Pocketed change when given wrong amount 9. Beeped a horn for any reason other than alerting traffic Been drunk on the street, in a pub or in a restaurant Changed a CD whilst driving Had sex in a public place Bought cigarettes under the age of 18 Dropped litter Taken illegal drugs Not worn a seatbelt during a car journey Flown a kite in a park Used a fake name on the internet